Colleen Zehr

Teaching Assistant

Colleen  Zehr

I am very excited to join the community at River Valley Nature School! Growing up surrounded by woods, I learned much through my experiences in nature: building treehouses, vine swings with my siblings, and exploring the land each season. Just as some of my cherished childhood memories are in nature, many of my favorite moments with kids are from the outdoors: teaching young kids how to ski, identifying trees on a hike, planting seeds in a garden, and reading with my little sister on a hammock under the trees, among many more. I look forward to being part of a school that prioritizes being and learning outside.

The majority of my past four years of teaching has been with kids 8-12 years old. I am looking forward to spending time with younger children and learning from one another as we explore the world together. I am eager to see where the curiosity of our kids will take us this year, and in the future.

Education and Experience

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