Elizabeth Sterling

School Director / Teacher

Elizabeth  Sterling

In 1996 when I finished my degree in Education, I thought to myself, "I'll do this for 10 years and, surely by then, there will be a revolution in how we educate children." More than 20 years later, I find myself a part of a growing grassroots movement of nature and forest schools that educate the whole children addressing their physical, social, emotional, academic, and spiritual needs while in nature. I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to create an innovative way of educating children at River Valley Nature School!

Having taught almost every grade from Pre-school to Post-secondary, my breadth of experience in diverse educational settings has given me a holistic perspective on education, and much of my teaching involved working with children outdoors with an environmental focus. What I have experienced is that many of the social, emotional, and academic challenges that show up in the classroom diminish in an outdoor learning environment.

One of the most important things I've learned as a parent and educator is the innate wisdom that children possess. Children know they need to be outside and connected to nature; that's why they ask to go outside all the time! I recognize that in my role as an educator, I learn so much from the experiences that I have with children and especially from their perspective on the world. It is truly an honor and privilege to do what I do!

"A child, more than anyone else, is a spontaneous observer of nature." – Maria Montessori

Education and Experience

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