Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the school hours, calendar, and locations?

    School Hours

    • Drop off:  8:15 am
    • Class begins:  8:30 am
    • Dismissal:  3:00-3:15 pm

    2019/2020 School Calendar

    • First Day:  Tuesday, September 3, 2019
    • Last Day:  Friday, May 29, 2020


  2. What does the cooperative model for parents/guardians mean?

    In our cooperative model, families are expected to invest significant time and care into the work of the school. This builds relationships and supports the vision of the school, and ensures that our progressive school will survive and thrive. Contributions will include:
    • working in the classroom for approximately 1-2 half-days per month per family in whatever capacity is needed by the teachers (in some cases engaging with children, but in other cases helping with other aspects of classroom functioning)
    • taking on a school job (e.g. helping with cleaning, organization, publications, bookkeeping, tech and web design, etc)
    • a minimum of 6 hours per year of fundraising efforts
  3. What role does technology play?

    Our school is designed to be a space where children can concentrate deeply and settle into a task – whether reading, writing, or handwork. We believe that we are cultivating mental habits that are necessary for success, especially for children who will enter into a technologically advanced world. We hope that the time they spent in their early years cultivating a love for reading, using their hands and connecting with nature will anchor them and set a precedent for creating boundaries in a world fraught with distraction. Technology has a limited use for communication and research and may play a bigger role as the school expands to older ages.
  4. My child has learning or behavioral differences, will he/she thrive at RVNS?

    While we hope to one day be able to support children with different styles of learning and connecting, in our early years, we are extremely limited by our small scale and resources. Children with more minor learning and behavioral differences that struggle to thrive in a traditional school environment, however, may find that they are able to be successful in our more flexible, whole-child focused model as early as our first year. As we grow, we hope to expand the school to include children with a diverse needs and levels of ability, and we will work together with supporting organizations to make this possible.
  5. How much does River Valley Nature School Cost?

    The tuition rates for 2019-2020 are as follows:

    Explorers Program (ages 3-5)

    • 2 days/week (T/Th) $3750.00
    • 3 days/week (M/W/F) $5000.00
    • 5 days/week $7500.00

    Kindergarten through Grade 2

    • $7500.00

    An application fee of $50 and an advanced deposit of 3% of total tuition with the enrollment contract will apply.

child blowing dandelion seeds green-yellow leaves girl picking acorns